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ZK-MS 湿拌抹灰砂浆外加剂
ZK-MS wet plastering mortar admixture
Functional admixture series


With the higher environmental requirements of building operations and commercialization of concrete,it's inevitable for mortar to become commercialized.Based on vast development and confirmatory experiments,our technical team develops ZK-MS wet plastering mortar admixture,which is used to adjust mortar opening time、water-retaining property、denseness and crack resistance during stirring wet plastering mortar.

The main technical performance



3.良好的保水性能:有效控制砂浆内水分的散失, 掺加ZK-MS湿拌砂浆外加剂,可以使砂浆具有更佳的保水性能,避免砂浆在开放时间内静置泌水。

1.Mortar opening time (which means the avalilable time of mortar,namely the time from mortar's production to workability loss)adjustment:based on the opening time which construction site requires and temperature and humidity changes owing to seasonal variation,the opening time can be adjusted.

2.Mortar viscosity adjustment:different degrees of thickness of sand inside the mortar exert an effect on the viscosity of mortar.The thicker the sand is,the lower the viscosity is and vice versa.The fineness modulus of sand should range from 2.4 to 2.6. In addition,when the temperature is high,the viscosity of mortar decreases.Based on the different materials and conditions,we will provide different mortar admixture schemes to satisfy the requirements of construction.

3.Good water retention capacity:if ZK-MS wet plastering mortar admixture is added,the moisture in the mortar will be well kept and sustain a good water retention capacity and avoid bleeding when standing in the open time.


1 按照掺量要求,仔细计量外加剂,将外加剂添加到砂浆中加水搅拌至均匀即可。本产品基本无减水效果,按照配合比设计稠度标准加水即可。







1. According to the requirements of amount of admixture,add admixture to the mortar,mix with water and stir evenly.The product has no slushing,so mix with water based on the mix proportion.

2. The mortar which is added the ZK-MS wet plastering mortar admixture might affect the drying time in some extent.When the humidity of wall and atmosphere is normal,the construction thickness is within 2cm and the drying time is in accordance with the mixed mortar on site;if the humidity of wall and atmosphere is high or the construction thickness is above 2cm,the drying time is1~3 hours longer than the former;if the humidity of wall and atmosphere is extremely high or the construction thickness is above 2cm,the drying time will belong and we recommend the wall should be splashed wet or add slurry on the thick part in advance and fill in the next day.

3.The sand whose nominal maximum aggyegate size is more than 4.75 should be wiped off and the quantity of silt content should be controlled within 3%.The sand whose silt content are out of limit are forbidden because such sand leads to a large area of ductility crack in mortar.The fineness modulus should range from 2.4 to2.6.

4. Pay attontion to the changes of silt content,degree of thickness and moisture content.The changes of materials may have an influence on the consistence of mortar.

5.When the powder(cement,coal ash and slag powder) in the mortar changes,it should be tested by experimental verification.

6.The consistence of mortar should be between 85cm-95cm and its density should be between 1950~2050Kg/m³.If the mortar is too viscous and it is easy to adhere to the darby.Instead,if not viscous,it is difficult to scrape on the wall.

7.Before the production of mortar,the agitators and tank trucks must keep clean;after production,the agitators and tank trucks should be cleaned.

Packing deliver


Storage on site


Special storage pool (jar) for wet plastering mortar should be placed based on the construction site conditions.The pool (jar) is not allowed to leak or absorb water seriously and put sunshade and waterproof ceiling.Besides,the surface of mortar should be covered by plastic membrane to sustain water.


Wet mortar usage conditions


The mortar admixture shall not be used below 5℃ and should improve construction conditions by means of heat accumulation and warmth retention.Meanwhile,the mortar admixture avoids scorching temperatures and strong wind season and keeps wet.

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