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ZK-6 混凝土高效防冻剂
ZK-6 High effective anti freezing agent for concrete
Pumping agent series


After the ZK-6 efficient pump up agent mixing,the high efficiency water reducing components can greatly reduce the water consumption of the concrete.reduce the number of pores.increased strength and impermeability.and improve the compactness of concrete;The anti freezing component enables the concrete to keep the liquid phase under the negative temperature condition or changes in the crystal state of water after freezing.To ensure the concrete freezing injury reduce the strength grade of concrete.Air-entraining agent could prevent concrete cracks and layer.can improve the homogeneity of lightweight concrete and reduce segregation and bleeding of concrete mixture.also be formed in the concrete buffer stress,to prevent damage to the freezing and thawing cycle.improve the durability,of concrete.

The main technical performance




1. Practice has proved that in the concrete mixed with efficient antifreeze,Can reduce about 20% the amount of water in concrete,Can obviously improve the concrete work ability,water retention,and can get a early higher strength.

2. air-containing can greatly improve the permeability and durability of concrete.

3.Products containing antifreeze component,the frost resistance is adjusted according to the different climatic conditions to ensure concrete under the specific environment damage.




1. The product is brown red or red yellow liquid (poly carboxylic acids as light yellow or colourless liquid),the amount of the range of 2.5~5%,when other material changes,the pumping agent content will be changed,When the material changes,it should be determined by the test.According to the content of different users to control the concrete slump anti-freezing pumping agent.

2. When use the expansion agent,mixing time should be prolonged 30 seconds.

Packing deliver




1.This product adopts tankers transport,when long distance can be made of plastic barrels packaging.

2.This product is non-toxic,tasteless,non corrosive,non flammable,can be transported by ordinary chemicals.

3. This warranty is good for one year after the date of the purchase of the product.More than the use of the term should be verified after experiment.

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